Pioneer Valley Game Developers

We’re a group of game developer enthusiasts located in Western Massachusetts. We are looking to connect other game developers in the Pioneer Valley by offering public events, networking opportunities, game jams, forums, game development tools and resources, and much more.

NEXT EVENT – MAKE TALK PLAY – July 12, 2015 @ The Quarters



MAKE TALK PLAY – A Puzzling Group of People

Sunday, Jul 12, 2015, 7:00 PM

The Quarters
8 Railroad St Hadley, MA

1 Game Developers Attending

Can you read Braille?  What if the Braille dots are hidden in a grid?  What if that grid was a chess board and in order to find the dots you have to first play out a chess game?This month’s MAKE TALK PLAY presentation will be led by Kristin Lieber, a “puzzlehunt” enthusiast and designer from the Pioneer Valley. She’s going to give us a brief overv…

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