Pioneer Valley Game Developers

We’re a group of game developer enthusiasts located in Western Massachusetts. We are looking to connect other game developers in the Pioneer Valley by offering public events, networking opportunities, game jams, forums, game development tools and resources, and much more.

NEXT EVENT – MAKE TALK PLAY – April 12, 2015


Mike Levine | Pileated Pictures & HappyGiant

Based in Conway, MA – Mike Levine is an industry veteran who owns and operates two studios, HappyGiant & Pileated Pictures.

We’ll hear an overview of Mike’s background in game development;  from his early career working at LucasArts in the 1990s (Sam & Max Hit The Road, Monkey Island 2, multiple Star Wars titles, plus many more) to starting his own studios.  We’ll find out what being “indie” means to Mike, as well as a breakdown on the pros and cons of service work vs. creating your own game IP.

For a career covering three decades (longer than some of our members have been alive), that’s a LOT of experience, a LOT of lessons learned, and a LOT that we can learn from Mike.  Whether you grew up loving the LucasArts point-and-click adventure games, have an interest in creating your own IP or are curious on running a service-based game studio, whatever it is…you’ll want to be here for this one.

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